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About Jofitness

JOFITNESS provide diet consultation and support for all your health concerns which includes weight management, weight loss diet plans, skin care diet plans, PCOS and PCOD diet plans, diabetic diet consultations ,sport diet consultations, GYM diet etc.


  • Home based diet
  • Follow up section and consultation
  • Easy workouts
  • Personal dietetian male / female
  • Skin care, Hair care and weight management programs

Top Programs

  • Post Pregnancy Nutrition
  • Pregnancy Nutrition
  • Stress Integrative
  • ABS Plus
  • Therapeutic Lifestyle
  • Medical nutrition therapy and lifestyle interventions
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With the support of 100+ food technologist and nutritionist of Jofitness.

Our Program Features

We provide two follow-ups in a week for a consultation. The duration of our consultation at a time will be 30–40 Minutes. We connect with users through Whatsapp, Facebook, Phone calls, Mails. Apart from Diet Consultation, we also provide users with Health Tips, Recipes, Blogs/Articles, Booklet for supporting the plan. Apart from Meal Plan we also provide users with Physical Activity, Meditation, Yoga techniques, Behavioural Improvements.

Consult with Dt. Jeffriya Joby directly (in person or on-phone).

  • Consultation available in Malayalam, English, Hindi and Tamil

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We follow the food pattern which includes Vegetarian Diet, Non Vegetarian Diet, Vitamin & Supplements. Our Diet Plan is comprised of Breakfast. 100% customized diet plans; no pre-defined or fixed diets. 5 Years of experiences Dietitian & professionally qualified support staff and online help at your convenience. We Ensure Healthier lifestyle.

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