Diet Plan for Work from Home


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Are your feeling low in your energy levels? This diet program will help you in keeping you energised for long hours. Our Health Experts will be assisting you in attaining the highest levels of energy with proper Meal Plans and Exercises. We do not recommend usage of pills or supplements.

It’s important to keep kids fueled at regular intervals. Because many children, especially younger ones, get so engaged in what they are doing and don’t always want to stop to eat, it’s important to build in breaks to refuel. Youngsters with weight issues make some harder memories with self-perception and they additionally feel the sting of individuals’ sentiments about their weight more distinctly than grown-ups with a similar issue. When puberty spurts in the caloric requirements changes drastically, this Lifestyle Management for Adolescents program will help your adolescent understand to manage healthy food and nutrition. At the same time, parents should be mindful about how much kids are eating in relation to their activity level. It’s easy to think that kids need a lot more calories if they’re being active. Keep all your worries aside and take this program for your kids and nourish them well.

Program features

  • We provide two follow-ups in a week for a consultation.
  • The duration of our consultation at a time will be 30–40 Minutes.
  • We connect with users through Whatsapp, Facebook, Phone calls, Mails.
  • Apart from Diet Consultation, we also provide users with Health Tips, Recipes, Blogs/Articles, Booklet for supporting the plan.
  • Apart from Meal Plan we also provide users with Physical Activity, Meditation, Yoga techniques, Behavioral Improvements.
  • Consult with Dt- JO FITNESS directly (in person or on-phone).

Diet style

  • Personal Health Coach.
  • 5 Years of experiences Dietitian & professionally qualified support staff and online help at your convenience.
  • We Ensure Healthier lifestyle.

What you get

  • We follow the food pattern which includes Vegetarian Diet, Non Vegetarian Diet, Vitamin & Supplements.
  • Our Diet Plan is comprised of Breakfast.
  • 100% customized diet plans; no pre-defined or fixed diets.

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